Unmanned robotics applied to industry

Development of unmanned vehicles and systems for visual inspection and NDT tasks in industrial facilities.


What we do

Development of robots
for visual inspection and NDT tasks in industrial installations.


Underwater ROVs and USVs for inspection in marine environments, reservoirs, tanks, pipelines...


Aerial drones for indoor and outdoor works of visual inspection or thickness measurement through ultrasound.


Robots for indoor inspection with the possibility of mapping and autonomous navigation without GPS signal.

Engineering for R&D projects

Software and hardware development

Integral execution of R&D projects in the field of robotics and other related technologies: Artificial Vision, IoT sensor deployment, SLAM, AMCL and positioning through sensor fusion (EKF), configuration and programming of robotic arms, creation of simulation environments, mechanical prototyping, etc...

Drafting of technical reports, patents, utility models and/or technical manuals.

R&D Projects

With the support of public entities, Seerstems develops its own R&D projects that allow it to expand and improve the services and products offered to its customers.

Acknowledgements and Awards

Since its incorporation in 2019, Seerstems has received several recognitions both nationally and internationally.

Contact us

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